FURY - “Last Mission” TV Spot

"What the fuck is wrong with you!? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? Nobody cares about anything. What the fuck is happening? "

Anonymous SAID:
i just wanted to know the reaction of " Logandra haters'' to see the last of them. it is so clear that they are together

Lol to be honest I didn’t get to see yet but I am still dying to witness how they have gone ballistic or something (especially the lolena fans and lermaniacs who want Logan for themselves). I’m sure they will still have something bad to say about them even if it’s very vivid that they are both happy together. I swear if you really are a fan, seeing your obsession as happy as they look in those pictures, should be ashamed of yourself that you are not happy for them.

Anonymous SAID:
Is Logan only interested in older women?

I don’t know him personally so I can’t say he is only interested with older women. But if he likes (or even loves) Alex, it’s not because she’s older, but because they get along really well, they enjoy each other’s company and perhaps he feels she is the perfect girl for him. Not the age but the person.

Anonymous SAID:
If they had babies together, they would be really cute with big blue eyes and they would also be very attractive looking

More than sure of it! They will have the most perfectly gorgeous babies ever born. lol.

Anonymous SAID:
They really do look like the perfect couple! I hope Logan takes her to the Fury premiere and we'll get to see more pictures of them together!

I hope what you said will come true. I am not expecting much anymore, just to see them together again in private events and one or more Fury (and Burying The Ex and San Andreas) premieres haha. I was actually shocked that they let Nick post the photobooth pics, Logan even liked the post! So did it mean, they were AGAIN stepping a step forward?

New pictures of Alexandra taken by San Andreas crew (x)

Anonymous SAID:
I can say whatever but that logandra is real is real, how about those pictures let us see no god I'm dying of happiness take no more happy days to see the photo, the best couple in the world I love   and to you for keeping us informedatt lograndra fans from Colombia

Thank you for your continuous support on Logandra. We appreciate everyone who appreciates them as much as we do. Rest assured that we will always be here to give you the freshest news about out beloveds!

era-o-fim SAID:
OMG! I'm freaking out with that photo. Alex is sitting on his lap! They want to kill me with excitement

I KNOW RiGHT?!?! She was sitting on his lap and he was like almost kissing her! THEY ARE HAPPY.

Anonymous SAID:
In the pics with Dean , Olivia , and Alie , Logan dosent seem that all happy , like he seems fine and stuff , but just awkward , then when you see him with Alex you can really tell the difference , he's really in love and happy tbh .

Exactly. With this comment, I conclude you saw my collage I tweeted. lol. My point. He was indifferent. With that photobooth shots with Alex, he was the happiest person and his attention was all on her. Too bad the 1st picture was cropped.