Anonymous SAID:
say logan and alex are in barcelona and london were apparently are on vacation to locations around the world, I am very happy for them this deserved break together hogala let us see a photo of them together difficult but not impossible I'm Colombian apology English

Yes! Just woke up with this great great news! I am guessing from London they took the train to Paris then to Barcelona. That explains Alex’s endless train journey. Haha. I don’t know why can some people still doubt. THEY ARE SO TOGETHER!

Anonymous SAID:
Alexandra Daddario is such a genius when it comes to publicity ! That's why she is my role model and many others , you can't leak any nudes if their aren't any nudes to leak unless you wanna see Levon naked but I don't think that counts , I wish more stars were like her shes so humble especially with all her success, i pity those who hate her .

Those people who hate her need to rethink their life because they’re missing out the best in life.  The weird thing here is those people around her and know her personally can’t help but love her and those people judging her I’m betting don’t even watch a single interview of her.

I can just laugh with this nudity fad. Now people will realize this is a hollywood thing and Alex is not the only “bad role model” now. At least hers was work. She is not trashing around for real.

Anonymous SAID:
Omg someone saw Logan and Alex in London! Apparently they were all over each other haha

Yes! I just hope she was able to snap a pic. But according to her she thought it would be rude because they were trying to have a private moment. Alex was actually resting her head on his shoulder and their arms were linked together, in a museum.

Anonymous SAID:
What are Alex's fav books n stuff?

She loves Steve Martin, so basically, she loves all his works, even his books. Alex is into music (even plays the piano very well, country music but music in general), movies (noticed she likes art films rather than commercial movies), television series (House of Cards and Nathan For You recently), books, art (she loves museums and stuff), Peanut M&M’s, traveling, Levon, and Logan. lol.

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What is "7 Minutes in Heaven" on Alex's Wikipedia?

I have no idea. Fans can easily edit her wikipedia but when I checked hers, 7 Minutes in Heaven was already there. I just hope it’s true, it’s a good show and she is the lead character.

Anonymous SAID:
do you think alex is in england?

This is Pia speaking, and I would like to believe that she is. Maybe because 1. It was 2pm in England when she posted she was having an afternoon tea. 2. According to my british friends, her “afternoon tea” was so English. 3. Logan went to Dorset, England, a place which was apparently near the sea as Alex posted a picture of the sea in her IG. My other british friend confirmed to me that the Dorset waters were murky or dark grim-looking.

I just hope we have a more concrete confirmation soon. Because if she really is in England, she is there with Logan (if it’s for work then such a coincidence that they are in the same location at the same time and Alex followed immediately right after her Juicy Couture event).

Who knows? They can possibly go together in Venice, Italy after. Fingers crossed.

alexandra daddario for esquire magazine (2011)

Alexandra Daddario  at the Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Launch  on August 26, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.  (x)


Alexandra Daddario arrives at the 2014 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Alexandra at the 13th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree (August 14th)

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